This post is part of a series of weekly e-mails that I send out to my e-mail list every Friday about my week as a digital nomad. It’s a little modified from its original form to look more like a blog post, but it’s still very similar to its original form. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

I hope you’re having yourself a wonderful day and this is your weekly dose of digital nomad life 🙂

Where I’m traveling

This week I left Oman and made my way to Jordan, which turned out to be an absolutely wonderful country that took me thousands of years back in time. Check out my yesterday’s sunrise spot… what a legendary place, hey!

jordan petra sunrise

What I’m reading

This week I read a really fun book, called “Living With a Seal“. It was written by a very successful entrepreneur, called Jesse, who felt his life was becoming too comfortable, so he decided to ask an actual Navy Seal to live with him for the whole month.

Seal said he’d be happy to come with one condition – that Jesse would do absolutely anything he told him to and… of course Jesse agreed!

I don’t know if I could have kept up with their insane work-out routine (which included sleeping on a chair; running over 10 miles a day; and some other crazy stuff), but after reading the book I started doing 100 push-ups per day and so far it’s working out.

I hope I’ll be able to keep it up!

What I’m working on

A few weeks back I told you I became really interested in crypto currencies and I kept researching the topic ever since. Eventually I came across this interesting website, called Steemit. It’s similar to Medium or other blogging platforms, the only difference is… authors on Steemit get paid if their content becomes popular with the community.

It seemed like an awesome idea to me, so I created my profile and published my first post. Apparently it only made $1.37, so I’m not off to the best start haha 🙂

But I’ll keep posting and see what happens next. If it turns out to be a good way to make money remotely, I’ll definitely add it to my book!

Best on BeNomad

This week on BeNomad we finally got our first interview with a successful virtual assistant, who currently lives in Bali with her 7 year-old kid.

Esther managed to go from working an awful job to being a virtual assistant to starting her own business training people become virtual assistants.

If you’re interested in becoming a remote VA, check her story out!

Nomad of the week

This week’s digital nomad is my Lithuanian girl Vaidile, who I met in Bali just a few months ago 🙂

Earlier this year Vaidile decided to travel around Southeast Asia and found herself a hospitality job in Thailand. However, when she landed there, it turned she couldn’t get that job as there were some problems with her visa. She didn’t know what to do, so she decided to go to Bali and figure things out…

There she met some digital nomads and that completely changed her attitude on long-term traveling. She finally realized she didn’t have to do odd jobs and could simply make money online while traveling anywhere she liked.

The same day she decided to become a virtual assistant and has been focusing on that ever since!

If you ever need any help with social media management or any other VA tasks, Vaidile is your girl. Get in touch with her via her website and check out her awesome Instagram photos!

Have yourself a next level weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Greetings from Jordan,

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