This post is part of a series of weekly e-mails that I send out to my e-mail list every Friday about my week as a digital nomad. It’s a little modified from its original form to look more like a blog post, but it’s still very similar to its original form. Enjoy!

You legend, how’s your Friday going?!

As always, I’m back with another edition of “My digital nomad week” – here we go!

Where I’m traveling

I’m spending my last days in Turkey hanging out in such crystal clear water it almost hurts my eyes haha 🙂

Also, I haven’t posted anything about this, but… between you and me, I made a huge surprise for my mum in Turkey – this is what hppened:

I bought my parents flight tickets to Istanbul for their 28th wedding anniversary a month ago. They, of course, asked me to come travel with them, but I told them I’ll be busy roaming the deserts in Jordan.

However, I came to Istanbul a few days before them (which my dad knew) and waited for my parents to arrive at the hotel room. I asked my dad to make sure my mom opens the door first and when she did, I was right there in front of her shouting “SURPRISE!!!”

I’m so happy seeing my parents after 13 months of traveling and so grateful I could spend all this time exploring Turkey with them. It’s been wonderful!

blue water pools turkey pamukkale

What I’m reading

Just finished reading another book on cryptocurrencies – “The Internet of Money“.

This book is basically a transcript of dozens of different talks that Andreas Antonopoulos, a famous supporter of the crypto movement, gave over the last few years.

Even though you could find a lot of those talks on YouTube and elsewhere, it was great to have it all digested for me in the book. If you want to learn a bit more about the history of Bitcoin and the future of crypto currencies, definitely check the book out!

What I’m working on

I know I’ve been really slow with editing videos the past few months, but traveling in the Middle East wasn’t that easy, hey! Now that I have a little bit more time on my hands, I started to work on a new video – my hike to the basecamp of Everest.

I’ve already edited the first 3 days of the hike, 5 more to go! Will definitely let you know when the video goes live 🙂

Best on BeNomad

This week we covered an inspiring female digital nomad who left her cosy life in Singapore, took a one-way flight to Mexico and started nomading around the world like a true legend she is!

She went from running her own startup to freelancing as a digital marketer and even starting a popular blog about women digital nomads. Read her story here.

Also, I decided to start publishing these weekly e-mails on our website as well, just in case you wanted to re-read some previous ones or share ’em with a friend 🙂 here’s the whole archive.

Nomad of the week

Our nomad of the week is ma boy Jochem from the Netherlands – the land of tulips, cycles and legalized weed haha 🙂

Jochem spent 4 years working for an IT company in the Netherlands and got incredibly bored, since every day was exactly the same. Then, last year, he decided to travel around Indonesia and that experience completely changed his life as he fell in love with traveling and decided to do it indefinitely.

When he came back home, he quit his job and started building his portfolio as a freelance software developer. It’s taken him over 8 months, but right now he already has four clients he works for and he’ll start traveling this April, all the while keeping up with work.

Jochem is looking forward to becoming a digital nomad, but isn’t yet sure if freelancing is the best way to go about it: “I am very excited to start the Digital Nomad life and I am very confident that it will work out well. The only thing I am a bit worried about is that traveling might distract me from my work…

I think running my own business might be a better way to do it than working remotely for other clients. I hope to meet like minded Digital Nomads while I am traveling so that we can co-operate for a new online business.”

If you’re interested in joining forces with Jochem, let me know and I’ll give you his contact details. Also, make sure to follow his adventures on Instagram!

Go do something you’ve never done before this weekend and… I’ll see ya next week!


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