We maintain BeNomad community on the values of sharing, cooperation and respect.

We except all members to maintain a friendly, courteous, and tolerant attitude in respect to other members or their opinions.

Any community member commits to, by participating in the community, ensure that the content they post complies with these values mentioned above. Any member member also undertakes to comply with all the relevant laws and regulations, including all intellectual property rights, legally established limitations on speech and on conduct.

The Benomad.co project and its administrators do not endorse, support or carry responsibility for any views that are expressed by members of the community. The responsibility arising out of violation any of the aforementioned laws or regulations lies exclusively on the members who have committed such a violation.

Members who read or contribute content to the BeNomad community agree that their content may at any time be modified or removed for any reason by the moderators. Moreover, the members agree understand that there is a risk that by reading they might be exposed to content that is offensive, discriminatory, inappropriate, misleading and/or otherwise in violation of the law. The Benomad.co community or its administrators are absolved of any legal responsibility for any harm that this content might cause, and members commit to reading the BeNomad.co community or choosing to act out on any advise that is offered by any member of their community out of their own risk.

The people responsible for managing BeNomads (community administrators) intend to moderate the community in order to ensure that the community operates in a way that is in compliance with the values and regulations mentioned above, that the community operates swiftly, effectively and well. In doing so, the moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any of the community content at any point and without prior notification. However, community members should also understand that the community administrators may be slow to react, may miss certain content or be unable to remove it in an efficient manner, and that the community administrators cannot be held accountable for any act or ommission in relation to moderating the community in order to ensure that community activity complies with the applicable laws and regulations and the values mentioned in this document.

For all the content you post on the community, you specifically grant BeNomad.co an exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, irrevocable, sub-licensable, transferrable worldwide licence to edit or use that content for any informational or commercial purpose, including circulating the content on the community our our mailing list, publishing the content on any part of our website or associated products or projects, including using their data for future marketing purposes, and you also absolve BeNomad.co of responsibility for any potential intellectual property right violation in relation to the editing or use of that content.

We also reserve the right to keep a record of our members and their relevant personal and identifying information in order to help us make the management of the community easier and improve the experience of community members. The information we are entitled to keep includes personally identifying information such as full name, address, e-mail phone and other contact information, and all the other information you have shared publicly online and/or in the community, including your areas of expertise, interests, etc. We are also entitled to keep a track record of your participation of the community, including your posting history, and any information supplied to us by Slack or any third-party tools associated with our Slack membership.

Please note that our community uses Slack, and you should, in addition, familiarize yourself with the relevant terms of use and privacy policy of Slack.

You can terminate renewal of your community membership any month through your own LaunchPass account, and, failing this, by giving us a fourteen day advance notice. We do not normally issue refunds for past community membership, and you will have to pay community membership fees for the current month regardless of how early in the month you cancel.

The moderators also reserve the right to at any time suspend or terminate your membership in the community without prior notice, although normally such termination will be given in relation to a violation of the values or regulations mentioned in this document. In the event that your membership is terminated, your subscription to the community will also be terminated, but refunds for the current month shall not be issued.

Moreover, the community administrators also reserve the right to close the operation of the Slack community and terminate all the memberships in the community. In that case, your subscription to the community will also be terminated.