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We're Launching a Community to Help YOU be a Digital Nomad!

We are a team of remote workers and digital nomads running the project BeNomad. On BeNomad, we have been publishing interviews of experienced digital nomads, tips, guides, answers to specific questions, and so on, hoping to make the website the best resource for aspiring digital nomads in the world.

While doing so, we have assembled a list of close to ten thousand subscribers - people from all stages of the digital nomad journey. 

However, we have gradually come to realize the fact there is lots of value not only in information but also in cooperation, as well as live interaction and an ability to share your own stories and get your specific questions answered, or at least heard.

And that is why… we're launching the world's first Slack community to help you network, cooperate and learn from other aspiring and existing digital nomads and reach your goals of being a digital nomad together.

We are selecting a highly ambitious group of people to which you will have full access, being able to chat and share your questions as well as your tips with them online.

We aim to encourage a highly cooperative environment and expect that the online community will have:

  • many topic-specific channels for members to share tips (e.g. social media marketing, blogging, YouTube, etc.) and ask questions to more experienced digital nomads;
  • cooperation opportunities where people post on what projects or startups they are working on and can find like-minded people interested in helping out or even becoming partners;
  • networking opportunities where people who happen to be in the same city can meet up and network;
  • job and freelancing postings (and we also hope to do all of our hiring for BeNomad from within the community);
  • general community channels on various interesting or helpful topics for digital nomads (e.g. productivity, travel tips)

In addition, we expect to evolve and expand even beyond all this, creating a true sense of community…

However, in order to make this happen, we will be limiting community membership to a select group of people, starting with 50 experienced and aspiring digital nomads…

How our community works? 

Benomad Community Activity

Our community works like a private Slack group which has multiple channels for different ways of making money online, as well as different topics.

Community membership allows:

  • posting and/or reading live posts on all or any of our channels;
  • scrolling through our available message history for past answers and discussions; 
  • accessing our Notion knowledge base with shared community knowledge;
  • having private conversations with other members from the community through direct messages.

Since we are using Slack, our community is accessible from almost anywhere: either on the web, through a mobile app or even through the Desktop app.  

Scroll on to learn about the wealth of resources and members we are planning to have…

We are determined to help you be a digital nomad!

Here is what membership in our private community gives you:  

  • communication access to all other members, including over 10 experienced digital nomads who can advise you;
  • networking and cooperation opportunities (we especially encourage our members to cooperate on work, startups, etc.);
  • access to our recent community discussion history, including the best tips for making money while traveling;
  • access to our channel with remote job and freelancing offers sourced by other community members (we plan to hire for BeNomad only from the community in the future);
  • ability to read the experiences and actual stories of success or failure shared by the members of our community;
  • access to specific channels about travel, productivity and others.

Here are some of the remote work opportunities we plan our community will allow you to learn more about:  

  • creating travel content;
  • freelancing;
  • social media marketing;
  • blogging;
  • YouTube vlogging;
  • publishing information products;
  • video editing;
  • language teaching;
  • software development;
  • managing Facebook ads.

And we expect that there will be many more as the community grows…

Meet some of the digital nomads you'll be networking with inside our community!

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A location independent entrepreneur traveling the world with a mission to inspire millions of people to travel more.  

Jacob has tried many online businesses: he ran a social media agency, a search engine optimization business, an information product business, and others.  

Just in the last few years Jacob co-founded a couple of successful online businesses (such as ChameleonJohn - a seven-figures online coupons website, and a hotel booking platform Travel-Ticker that got acquired by HotelPlanner), grew his YouTube travel channel to over 180 thousand subscribers and visited over 60 countries.

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Jacob Laukaitis

Experience: YouTube, social media, SEO

A location independent entrepreneur traveling the world with a mission to inspire millions of people to travel more. 

Jacob has tried many online businesses: he ran a social media agency, a search engine optimization business, an information product business, and others. 

Just in the last few years Jacob co-founded a couple of successful online businesses (such as ChameleonJohn - a seven-figures online coupons website, and a hotel booking platform Travel-Ticker that got acquired by HotelPlanner), grew his YouTube travel channel to over 180 thousand subscribers and visited over 60 countries.

Leo Kipfelsberger

Experience: Facebook ads, blogging, networking

Leo has bee traveling the world as a Facebook marketing consultant, helping companies scale their advertisement campaigns while travelling the world full-time. 

Leo has traveled to nearly sixty countries, networked with many location independent entrepreneurs, and has been blogging about his own journey as well as sharing pictures on Instagram.

Linas Vaštakas

Experience: information products, language, software development

Linas has spent the last few years running online education startups. His longest-running project is Interlinear Books - a startup with a mission to bring literature to language learners by subtitling fascinating books in different languages.

Linas is also a self-taught coder: he has been coding in Python, JavaScript, PHP, Elixir, various web development technologies, and has picked a very active interest in and been teaching himself blockchain development. 

Linas considers travel to be one of his main interests: he has lived in six countries and traveled to some 30 more.

Thalassa van Beek  

Experience: social media, blogging, freelancing

Thalassa left her 9 to 5 job that was not making her happy and started working about two years ago as a freelance social media & content manager. 

Now that she achieved her goal, she is passionate about helping other aspiring freelancers to achieve theirs. When she is not busy working on her clients" or her own projects, she"s either enjoying everything the city has to offer, or going out of town on trips.

Ian Chew

Experience: content marketing, entrepreneurship, coaching

Ian is a location independent content strategist who has published for Fortune, Inc. and other big publishers.

Ian has worked as a former director of Empact (a firm secializing in entrepreneurship events), therefore he also has a good understanding of how the business and entrepreneurship world works. 

For his work, Ian has interviewed over 700 people from more than 20 countries in three years.

Andrea Valeria

Experience: travel content, YouTube, vlogging

Andrea Valeria transitioned her side hustle into her dream job of full time travel vlogging. 

Andrea showcases her overdose in travel, through her vlog 'it's a Travel O.D.', as well as actively on social media.

Born and raised in Panama, she has officially been a digital nomad for 2.5 years now.

Asad Zulfahri

Experience: search engine optimization, freelancing, blogging

Asad is a passionate SEO practitioner with over 11 years of experience. He’s also a freelancer and full time digital nomad, and has worked with well-established tech companies such as Monster & Zapier. 

His development and technical SEO background has helped many companies grow and scale their business efficiently with organic search acquisitions.

Asad is also an avid traveler and he has visited over 25 countries around the world.

Anthony Knowles

Experience: filmmaking, YouTube, travel content

Anthony is a professional freelance filmmaker from London with over 7 years of experience in the field. He is currently traveling the world and making inspiring travel videos for various YouTube channels, which are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.  

Since achieving great success in his own field, he has developed a passion to share the ins and outs of professional filmmaking with others.

Meagan Maher

Experience: language teaching, writing, freelancing

Meagan currently works as an online English tutor and freelance writer.

She has lived in Colombia, travelled across SEA and explored the United States since she started her digital nomad journey.

Anthony Christopher

Experience: Facebook ads, business consulting, blogging

Anthony s an experienced Facebook ads and business consultant who also has many years of experience writing his own blog with marketing tips. 

Anthony's digital nomad journey started when, after having gathered years in a up and coming UK agency, he decided to take his acquired knowledge and launch his own consulting business. 

Having followed this step, he is now able to do trips around the globe and share his passion for his new found freedom as an independent consultant with people who are looking to transition their full time career into a location independent position.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the deadline to join Benomads?

We currently open the community up as we have spots for a limited number of days. We close the doors as soon as the intake deadline passes or we simply fill up the spots for the intake, whichever happens earlier.

2. What kind of requirements do I need to meet to become a member?

We do not require anything specific other than an interest in being a digital nomad (defined broadly as someone who works location independently) and either relevant experience or determination.

In order to become a member, however, you also have to go through an application process. We have that because we want to make sure that our community provides as much value as possible to everyone. In order for this to happen, we are limiting our beta intake, and we also intend to try to ensure that those individual members are a good fit for the community and vice versa.

We welcome diverse backgrounds, and, in our mind, both experience and enthusiasm can enhance our community, so we encourage everyone interested to apply.

3. How much does it cost?


Our community will give you access to high quality content and a group of experienced, inspiring and (we hope) fun digital nomads. However, the maintenance and moderation of the community will require lots of work on our part and hence we must charge a fee. The fee will also serve as means to filter out unserious or undetermined community members .

Thus we charge this fee on a monthly basis. However:

You can cancel renewal any month: if at any given point you find out you don't receive value from the community, you can cancel your subscription will now be renewed for the next month. This way, we make sure you don't risk more than monthly membership fees.

We don't want affordability to be an issue: if you think you can make a great contribution to the community but cannot afford it right now, drop us a line at and we'll think of other ways you can contribute to reduce the price. However, please note that this is an extra measure only that we would be applying to extremely skilful or determined but financially disadvantaged applicants.

4. What benefits do I get by applying early?

Applying early helps you in the following two ways:

  • helps you secure a spot - our intake is limited to a small numbr of members, and we process applications on a rolling basis, thus the earlier you apply, the more of a chance you have of getting a place in the new community;
  • gives you early access - we let new members gradually, based on their application date, thus if you want to be meet our members earlier than anyone else and network within the community, apply now.

5. What benefits do I get as a member?

You will get access to all of our members, and be able to participate in any discussion or ask questions in the community's channels, as well as being invited to all of our networking events (if we organize those in the future). Generally, the more effort you put in to participate, offer advice, ask and answer questions, talk to others, etc., the more you will get out of the experience in terms of new friends, knowledge and experience.

Don't miss your chance!

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis, and our intake is limited. 

Moreover, members will be let into the beta community gradually mostly based on the time of the application.

Thus don't wait and apply now.