Hey there! I am Leo and, together with my buddy Linas, we run BeNomad.co – a website where we showcase content (such as interviews, articles, digital nomad wiki answers and how to guides), maintain a newsletter and run a community about how you can make money online while traveling the world.

You might be wondering: “There already are tons of digital nomad websites, why do we need another one?” and that is a very valid point!

You see, the thing is this –  both of us have been nomads for over three years now, working from our laptops while traveling (I have been engaged in constant travel for a year now, while Linas usually tends to do one international trip per month), founding startups (apart from BeNomad.co, I have founded a social media marketing agency, and Linas runs Interlinear Books and Cooljugator), and managing clients across the globe.

By being very engaged members in the digital nomad community, we realized just how much of the content which was being put out about this lifestyle, was rather of inspirational nature and fluffy quotes for the gram.

We noticed while there was tons of demand from fellow aspiring nomads who were already passionate about travel but unsure how to pursue or further a career online – there was a massive lack of actionable resources that would provide real insights how this lifestyle is achievable and maintainable. 

Most of the tips on travel and online work related websites would be really generic, something along the lines of “being a freelancer gives you the opportunity to do something you care about and drives your passion”, or “do not quit your full-time job before your site starts making money” (yup, both actual quotes).

We want to actually provide people with resources that will enable them to learn, implement and take action. In order to make this lifestyle a reality for anyone who aspires to live it.

We do this mainly through six types of content on BeNomad:

  1. Our proudest achievement yet: The official BeNomad community

    Because we believe that it’s best to learn from one another – we have created a platform which allows you to network with experienced nomads, ask questions and get them answered.
    No matter what stage of the process you are at. Whether you are still working a 9-5 job or whether you have started your online journey.

    We have plenty of community perks such as ask-me-anything sessions where we bring external experts to answer your questions on specific subjects, an accountability system which ensures that you actually get to achieve your goals rather than becoming distracted and we also host live meetups amongst our members around the globe!

    Ready to find out more about our community? Check it out here.

  2. Extensive articles on very specific ways to make money online, such as Facebook marketing, freelance web development, Amazon eBooks, drop shipping and others.

  3. Interviews with active digital nomads, where we talk about how they are making money remotely and provide tips on how anyone can do the same. 
  4. Guides such as “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Freelancer Digital Nomad” or “The Ultimate Digital Nomad’s Guide to Managing Social Media” that take particular topics and explain them in great detail. 
  5. Answers to questions on our Digital Nomad Wiki that features over a hundred questions and answers by experienced digital nomads about all aspects of the digital nomad life. 
  6. A digital nomad newsletter where we send our tips and tricks, community stuff, links to useful online resources and other stuff.

We would love if you could check out our resources, especially the community (as this is the resource we focus the most on). We hope we can both help each other on a journey to maintaining a digital nomad lifestyle and exploring what this green planet has to offer!