Hey there, soon-to-be nomad!

My name is Jacob and I am a founder of BeNomad.co – a website where we write about how you can make money online while traveling the world.

You might be wondering: “There already are tons of digital nomad websites, why do we need another one?” and that is a very valid point!

You see, the thing is this –  I’ve been an active digital nomad myself for the past 4 years in which time I visited over 55 different countries while running various online ventures at the same time.

jacob laukaitis wanaka

At some point I decided to start posting my adventures on the Internet. Initially I only did it because I wanted to remember my trips and inspire my friends to travel more. But as time went by, there were more and more people discovering my content and thus I ended up having a YouTube channel with over 7,000,000 views.

What I noticed was that most people couldn’t understand how I was able to afford to consistently travel 12 months a year. So literally every single day I would get private messages asking me how to do it…

I would reply to as many messages as I could and would explain that if you make money online, you can become completely location independent and go wherever you want for as long as you want. However, those short messages wouldn’t be enough to help those people become nomads.

So I began searching for a very high quality online resource where I could refer to those people so that they could learn more about this sort of lifestyle. But I soon discovered that…

Most digital nomad websites would focus on telling stories about how awesome the lifestyle was – you could visit dozens of countries a year or settle down next to some white-sand beach and work on your computer sitting in a hammock.

jacob laukaitis tasmania

That was all great, but it didn’t really help someone become a nomad from themselves, because most of the tips on those websites would be really generic, something along the lines of “being a freelancer gives you a lot of freedom as you make your own schedule”, or “do not quit your full-time job before your side business makes enough money to sustain your lifestyle”.

As I kept receiving those “how to become a nomad?” messages from people all around the world and didn’t really know what resources I could direct them to, eventually I decided to start my own website that would produce extensive articles with actionable tips and advice about how anyone can quit the 9 to 5, make money remotely and have the freedom to go anywhere they like, anytime they like.

This idea eventually became the website you are visiting right now.

Here you can find five types of content:

  1. Interviews with active digital nomads, where we talk about how they are making money remotely and provide tips on how anyone can do the same;
  2. Extensive articles on very specific ways to make money online, such as Facebook marketing, freelance web development, Amazon eBooks, drop shipping and others;
  3. Guides such as “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Freelancer Digital Nomad” or “The Ultimate Digital Nomad’s Guide to Managing Social Media” that take particular topics and explain them in great detail.
  4. Answers to questions on our Digital Nomad Wiki that features over a hundred questions and answers by experienced digital nomads about all aspects of the digital nomad life.
  5. Free eBook “19 Ways to Quit The 9-5 And Become a Digital Nomad“, which will give you a better idea of where to start and point you to articles, books and online courses that might help you.

Most of your articles are over 1,000 words-long, so get ready to do quite a bit of reading, but I can assure you it will be worth it down the road!

jacob laukaitis skydiving

I can’t wait for you to join the thousands of other people who have taken advantage of this wonderful age we live and become location independent. I hope I will be able to meet you on some remote beach in Thailand or a breath-taking mountain in Indonesia!

Good luck on your journey,


P.S. If you have any questions or feedback for our team, get in touch with us here.