This post is part of a series of weekly e-mails that I send out to my e-mail list every Friday about my week as a digital nomad. It’s a little modified from its original form to look more like a blog post, but it’s still very similar to its original form. Enjoy!

What is up!

As every week, ye boy Jacob is back with another letter about the life of a digital nomad. But this week there is something very important I need to hear your opinion on…

So without wasting any more time, let’s get goin’!

Where I’m traveling

I’ve already driven over 2,000 kilometers around Oman and it seems like I still have over 1,000 kilometers to go. However, the trip has been absolutely incredible so far and included tons of awesome morning showers and insane hotel rooms 🙂

camping in oman

What I’m reading

The past few weeks I’ve been feeling a little bit down when it came to creative work (especially editing videos haha). As luck would have it, I stumbled upon this cool book, “Steal Like An Artist“, bought it and read it all in less than a day!

It’s a short read that explains how everything people create is basically a fusion of many different kinds of ideas and that true artists steal good ideas and make them their own. It’s quite a controversial philosophy, but it definitely made sense to me.

If you need inspiration for your creative work, check that book out!

Quote I’m pondering

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan

Best on BeNomad

This week we haven’t published any new posts on BeNomad and there was a very good reason for that…

You see, our community has been growing really fast over the past few months and now we have thousands of members from all around the world. As much as I love communicating with you via e-mail, I feel like I’m still not doing enough to help you become a digital nomad.

So this week the whole team at BeNomad has been brainstorming how we can make this project a lot more useful to you and… we came up with an awesome idea that I really want to share with you.

We are thinking of creating this private membership site, where successful digital nomads would be mentoring aspiring digital nomads and helping them build up their remote income. There would be different ‘channels’ for all the different ways to make money remotely, such as “selling photos”; “drop-shipping”; “managing social media accounts”; “running a YouTube channel” and many others.

I would be a very active member of the community and I’m sure many other digital nomads would be more than happy to help others achieve this sort of lifestyle. Not only that, we are thinking of hiring experts – people who are particularly successful with a specific way to make money remotely – to answer every question that ‘channel’ receives and mentor all of our members until they become nomads themselves.

There would be quite some costs associated to running this membership site and we would have to charge a monthly fee to use it, but we would make it as affordable as possible.

Now that you know more about what we want to do with BeNomad, I would love to hear your opinion about it…

Would you like to join this community? Which ways of making money remotely are the most interesting to you? What kind of people would you like us to hire as experts? Are there any other topics you’d like us to discuss there (unrelated to making money)? Do you have any tips on how we can make it the world’s best community for aspiring digital nomads?

If you leave a comment under this post and share your thoughts with me, I’ll be forever in your debt 🙂

Nomad of the week

This week’s digital nomad is ma boy Rey from the Philippines!

Rey used to have a really exhausting 9-to-5 job as a virtual assistant for a large company in the Philippines. It took him 5 years to realize that this was not the kind of life he wanted to lead – he wanted to see the world and go on tons of mind-blowing adventures. So he decided to quit his job and become location independent.

He wasn’t ready to start his own business or become a freelancer, so he chose the path that many digital nomads take – he found himself a remote full-time job doing sales over the phone for an American company. Even though he has a fixed working schedule, he told me he’s happier than ever because he has all the freedom he wants and he gets paid twice as much as in his last job.

Show Rey some love on his article about the upsides of working from home!

I’d love to keep going with this e-mail, but I have to run explore some deserts here in Oman… so have a wonderful weekend and I’ll catch you next week!


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